7 Things You Should Know About The Bullet Train Coming To Houston

Author: Nick Russo

So the news has been floating around the area for the past 3 years. There were problems with the route, the planning, the construction, the price and everything else one could imagine being part of a bullet train running from Dallas to Houston.

I, for one, am excited about this because I don’t mind Dallas. I mean, it’s a fun city to visit, I have some great friends there and I’d MUCH rather ride a bullet train than drive my happy buns 5 hours north on 45. It’s a boring drive unless you’re a lover of trees.

With that said, here’s the 4-1-1 as I could find it through our local news outlets.

  1. The construction company has been hired. According to Chron.com, “Texas Central Partners said it reached an agreement with Irving-based Fluor Enterprises and The Lane Construction Corporation, based in Connecticut, for further refinement and study of the proposed route.”
  2. It still needs federal approval. Lord knows how long that may take.
  3. It will get you from Houston to Dallas at 200mph!
  4. It will cost $12 billion dollars.
  5. It will have a stop near College Station.
  6. The local station in Houston is expected to be on the site of the Northwest Mall at Loop 610 and U.S. 290, north of Uptown.
  7. It should be done by 2023.

So about the time 290 is finished they will be ready to send us on a 200mph ride to Dallas aboard a bullet train!

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