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Like a lot of couples today,  Gert and Alvin met at the gym.  And like a lot of couples, a friend introduced them – Alvin said, “A mutual friend said to me, ‘I’d like you to meet a very nice young lady,’” that’s what he told the reporter after chopping wood one recent morning at his mountaintop home.

For her part Gert said on their first date, he drove her to a restaurant in called Something Sweet. “He was a perfect gentleman,” In a heartbeat, they became an item and now they are married.  Even though she is 5 years older than him, Alvin said, “I kept getting teased about dating a cougar,” but Gert said she wasn’t about to miss the chance so she asked him to marry her, “I asked him to marry me,” the bride said. “I was tired of chasing after him.” Oh Did I Mention She’s 98 and He’s 94!

NYTimes had the REST OF THE STORY:

He obliged her on Aug. 5 at Middletown City Hall, where they exchanged vows before Mayor Joseph DeStefano and 50 family members and close friends. (Fred Fox, the bride’s older brother, who lives in Los Angeles, could not attend but sent along best wishes to his little sister.) The bride showed off her garter at the reception..” When their guitarist began strumming “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Ms. Mokotoff, clutching a small bouquet of white roses, emerged from a side room and began walking slowly toward her future husband, his eyes welling with tears. Everyone in the old courtroom was smiling, especially Father Time.

“This is like an early birthday gift,” Ms. Mokotoff said before joining hands with Mr. Mann.

She was looking ahead to Aug. 20, a day when the newlyweds will most likely have to work together to blow out the candles on Ms. Mokotoff’s birthday cake — all 99 of them.

“So I’m 99, 98, it’s just a number,” Ms. Mokotoff said. “But today, I’m still 98, right? So let’s not rush things.”

Mr. Mann, who is 94 and received a bachelor’s degree in history last year from Mount St. Mary College in Newburgh, N.Y., agreed that when it comes to being old as opposed to feeling old, the numbers don’t always add up the same.

So wherever you in the kitchen or in the car….throw you hand in the air – CAN I GET AN AMEN?

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