WATCH – Houston Police Falls From Bridge To Avoid Drunk Driver!

Author: George

On Thursday, Houston Police Department released the bodycam footage of an officer who jumped from an exit ramp to avoid being hit by a suspected drunk driver.

The recording was from July 28, when 33-year-old Houston Officer Roshad Carter was responding to a crash on Southwest Freeway.  The International Business Times reported:

The video was revealed at a conference where Carter’s mother Debora was also present.

“Carter broke his back in numerous places, severely damaged his spine, and injured his left foot. He is not paralyzed and is expected to recover,” his mother said.

The body cam footage was followed by another video, which showed the officer recovering from his injuries at his residence. His mother began to cry as Carter recalled the fall in the recovery video.

“I couldn’t breathe,” Carter said in the recovery video explaining his plight from the fall from the freeway.

“All I could do was just pray that everything was alright. I couldn’t feel my arms. I couldn’t feel my legs. I couldn’t feel anything in my body,” he said in the video, according to Houston Chronicle.

Officer Carter has also released a follow-up video:

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