Blonde Moments, Ugly Facebook & #2 On Most Wanted List [Read These]

Author: George

The Morning Bull Show acknowledges that George does some stupid things in life –  but we also recognize that there are actually people who are “DUMBER” than him.

Including David – from Lake Jackson – who said he got this text message from his wife saying,

“Honey, I need to go back to work, cause staying home is making me dumb.  I was trying to use a spray cleaner. I got all pissed off because I’d turn it one way and it said off. I turned it another way and it said no. I kept turning and turning and yelling how in the hell are you supposed to spray this s#$%! – It was then I realized I was reading it upside down – and it actually said on”

David said –  I’ll answer this now, no, she is NOT a blonde but she is STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

Our First Story: Man upset by creepy mug shot turned himself into cops

A British man wanted on an assault warrant turned himself into police…you may think he turned himself in because he was overcome with guilt about what he’d done.  You’d be wrong…he did it so police would take down the unflattering mug shot of him posted on Facebook. Wayne Esmonde, 35, replied to the Facebook post by police last week seeking information on his whereabouts, he replied “I am him. Not a very flattering mugshot, I’d appreciate it if you’d take this post down.” Police said turn yourself in and we will – so he did cops say they are pretty sure he will be convicted of being a narcissist and being STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

Final Story:  #2 on the Most Wanted list

A man accused of burglarizing a Southern California home was busted yesterday – after police say they were able to match him with DNA evidence left at the scene.  Andrew David Jensen was arrested July 28 on suspicion of first-degree residential burglary after police found DNA evidence in the toilet.

The suspect “did his business and didn’t flush it” during the October break-in in the city of Thousand Oaks, said Detective Tim Lohman of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office.



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