Texas Country Star Aaron Watson Helps Whataburger Worker Shut Down Her Haters!

Author: Mo

***…Haters gonna hate, but Aaron Watson says yall can quit hatin’ on fast food workers.

…Aaron Watson and his family stopped for lunch at a Whataburger restaurant in Marion, Texas, recently, where he met an employee named Diana. The two snapped a selfie together, and later, Diana — a country fan — shared the photo to her Twitter account, including a message directed at her “haters”  saying: “All y’all hate on me for working at Whataburger but did you get to sit down and talk to @aaron_watson and his family? Nah didn’t think so.”

…GUESSTING she didn’t expect Mr. Aaron Watson to reply.  He said, ‘Diana, I worked fast food when I was your age. Your kindness & work ethic will take u far in life!”

…And then the comments rolled in with support for the young girl.  Thank you, Aaron Watson, for bein’ a freakin’ good dude. ❤

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