BroCation: Jake, Luke, Dierks, & Peyton Go Fishing! [See Pics That Prove It]

Author: Mo

***…Alright yall.  If you could go fishing with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose?

…Welll Jake Owen, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, andddd… Peyton Manning.  Picked each other.

…The four superstars spent the weekend on an outdoor adventure that looks like something country music dreams are made of.  But the pics prove it was real.

…Jake Owen posted a series of photos on his feed from the brocation.  The first one, with all four guys, caught my interest.  HOLY PHOTOSHOP.  But no…it was a famous-guys-only reality.

…Dierks Bentley took a different approach on his account, sharing a photo of Peyton Manning holding up a fish in front of a stunning landscape while a few bears lurk in the background — the caption, should I inform Peyton Manning of the mama bear and her three cubs approaching from behind or let him enjoy his moment.  Can you imagine the freakin’ stories these cheese balls have from their weekend?

…Being a country music and Manning fan…The pictures.  Whew! I had the sweetest dreams all weekend!   ❤

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