CAN I GET AN AMEN: Dog Winds Up With His Fav UPS Driver!! [PICS]

Author: George


California UPS driver Katie Newhouser befriended a woman on her route when she saw her walking her dog. “Leo took a liking to me,” she says of the pit bull. “He would even hop in my truck and look around the back.” Then, in October, Newhouser found out Leo’s owner, Tina Rummel, had died. Her son Canon was in training to be a Marine, so Newhouser offered to take Leo until his training was complete. “But after Christmas break, I decided that he was getting along so well with my other dogs that he should just stay,” Newhouser says, and thus Leo found his new forever home. Canon was happy, and Newhouser’s two other dogs were happy, too: Both had been “grumpy,” but got happier when Leo arrived. “The whole vibe changed,” she says. “He’s one of the most gentle dogs I have ever met.”

CAN I GET AN AMEN for Katie and Leo!!!

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