Texas “KISS” Calf – Looks Like FAMOUS ROCK STAR – Picture Goes Viral

Author: George

The Daily Mail had a great story about a Texas Cafe that looks like KISS member Gene Simmons.  The paper wrote:

A Texas rancher spotted a shocking similarity between a newborn calf and a legendary rocker — and the uncanny resemblance has received a KISS of approval.  

Rancher Heather Leonard Taccetta, who works at the Cowboy Steak House in Kerrville, Texas, immediately saw that the facial markings – complete with long tongue – belonging to a calf born July 28 matched the famous stage makeup worn by KISS frontman Gene Simmons.

Taccetta sent a photo of the newborn named, of course, Genie, to her local tourism board, Hill Country Tourism, which posted the image on its Hill Country Visitor Facebook page.

The Official Kiss Facebook page picked it up and now it’s gone viral

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4746792/Calf-bears-uncanny-resemblance-KISS-rocker-Gene-Simmons.html#ixzz4oapPuPuI

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