Missed Connections: Coffe, Tea & Me, Lookin for the Burper

Author: George

We can’t stand the idea of someone missing out on the love of their life…so each week we comb through Craig’s List Missed Connections for the stories that touch our hearts….

GEORGE:   All I’ve ever wanted was you – m4w (Wishing you were here)

I really wish that I could be laughing and goofing around with you. Those were always great moments together. I miss grabbing your Venti iced caramel macchiato with an extra shot and extra caramel drizzle like a helluva extra caramel drizzle.

I remember when I first moved into your home and you were just grabbing a frizzer or whatever you call those gas station iced coffees. I taught you about coffee and you taught me sooo much more…

More than anything I miss the energy, the buzz that I felt when we were together

Love, T

(two things – first – I don’t think they had a connection it was the coffee – and did anyone else notice it was T(ea) and coffee)


MO:  That Burp!…Man for Woman…Pasadena.  He says…

“Long shot here. I was at lunch with my mom and you were the only other person in the whole restaurant.  You had on a red hat a tight black shirt.  You belched very loudly at one point and ya tried to apologize real cute, but my mom wasn’t a fan.  I actually kinda dig a girl that can dig up a belch from her toes and still look mighty FINE!! Let’s work on US now and we’ll work on my MOM later.”

Umm…girls don’t burp! ❤


COWBOY DAVE:  Kayaking/tubing/& one thing we can’t mention!  Multiple men 4 Multiple Women

I was with three of my friends coming down the San Jacinto River on Sunday at about 4:00 in the afternoon in two tandem kayaks, one orange and one blue. We came around a bend and there you were, about 10 beautiful women having the best time in the sun I’ve ever seen… naked… and chilling in the river. First, you asked us how old we were, we literally couldn’t speak! Then My buddy blurted out “Hey did you know y’all are naked? Want us to get y’all some towels?” As I hit him in the head with a paddle… our eyes locked and it shook me to the core!  I’ve never experienced anything like it. We were running short on daylight to reach our take out point so I left my phone number on a sand bar downstream! Was this real because NOBODY believes me! Are y’all mermaids? I swear I don’t do drugs anymore! I’ll come back every day until I see your supple… well… I’ll just keep coming back!

Waiting… in Alvin!


Everyone needs love – including these folks on Missed Connections.

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