Is A Chupacabra Stealing Small Pets & Jesus On A Rock – Some Folks Think So [See Them Here]

Author: George

Jesus on A Rock?

Lady in Georgia swear you can Jesus in this picture

Is there a Chupacabra loose?

According to a story by the Southern California News Group,  folks think there is one loose near Riverside, California. The story says:

Cary Shuker’s cat raced into his Riverside home, terrified of something outside.

“This thing was standing out there, looking at me” said Shuker, a private contractor who lives at the base of Box Springs Mountain, which divides Moreno Valley and Riverside. “It was the ugliest-looking thing.”

Shuker said the hairless creature, glaring at him about 80 or 90 feet away, had a tail like a rat or a possum, with rippled pinkish skin, teeth jutting both up and down out of its jaws and was “at least two feet or more longer than the biggest coyote you’ve ever seen.”

Know anyone who’s ever seen one?

Police up north say they spotted one last year:


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