Winter Storm Update: School Closures
By Kyle King

And by complications I mean he was found in the airport with a 9mm & ammunition in his bag. Now McCreery does have a valid concealed carry permit and said that he had gone to the shooting range before going to the airport and forgot to remove the weapon. Now it’s not like he was armed to the teeth, he had 5 rounds in his magazine and two boxes of ammo, but still, how do you forget to remove that? And why is it even in a carry on bag? McCreery was NOT arrested and at worse he’ll face a fine and get a letter from the FAA (spooky). Once he pays the fine charges will most likely be dropped. And he’ll probably throw away that FAA letter…

McCreery has apologized to his fans for missing a show and said that he will make it up to them and reschedule!

At this time, he has not mentioned the incident any further.

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  1. Deb Clark says:

    As I tell my students, reveling in the mistakes of others says more about you than them — glass houses and all that … Scotty made an honest mistake; owned up to it; and now it’s time to move on…

    1. I’m not “reveling in his mistakes”, just reporting what happened. But I think it’s a fair question to ask, “How do you forget you have a GUN AND AMMO in your bag you’re taking to an airport?” Also fair to ask, “WHY did you put that stuff in a bag you know you’re taking on a plane?”

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