By Nick Russo

The news hit that In-n-Out Burger was bringing a restaurant to town and all of a sudden everyone started taking sides. It’s kind of crazy how Whataburger fans are so defensive of their favorite burger joint online. I mean, we love Whataburger but too much of it will give you a heart attack. Any fast food really but I’m just drawing the line between real life obsession versus online obsessions.

The truth is, In-n-Out is going to open a restaurant on Westheimer in the near future and that place is gonna be SLAMMED. I bet people camp out in front of it to be of the first to eat at the restaurant. I just think that if you’re like me, you’re down to give it a shot because it’s different and you’ll compartmentalize your love for WB.

With that said, one thing is for sure, In-n-Out isn’t going to come into Texas and just “take over” but they have planted spots in every major city once this one in Houston gets going.   However, let’s be real, Whataburger’s stranglehold on burgers and fast food in Texas starts in the small towns. In those places, it takes too dang long to get to an In-n-Out.

Whataburger is today what Dairy Queen was 20 years ago, to me. But I lived in a town where Dairy Queen was all we had until Whataburger opened up.  Whataburger just exemplified the tastes of Texans and their branding has been outstanding.

But what does this mean for In-n-Out?

In-n-Out, I’m happy to have you but if you want to really take out Whataburger its going to take a few hundred more restaurants. Now, if we’re talking Houston, bring it on, we’re happy to have you in our city. Your business has done what every business wants to do, opened in Houston, Texas and we don’t blame you.

Once the line goes down, I’ll be by for a double double. Welcome to Houston.

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