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MISSED CONNECTIONS: Sweaty, Yoga Pants Jell-O And More Sweaty

We can’t stand the idea of someone missing out on the love of their life…so each week we comb through Craig’s List Missed Connections for the stories that touch our hearts….

GEORGE: Scent Of A Woman – Man for Woman, 48 – He writes…

My search involves a very slender, hard peddling woman with dark hair and perfect tan legs. You were just finishing the KATY FLATLAND CENTURY RIDE – yesterday. As you walked your bike by me, a caught your scent and part of your number – 28 stamped on the rear end of your shorts. And what a rear it was!

I was the guy on the yellow bike wearing the camo shorts and white tank top. I told you how nice you smelled. I walked over to another area for a minute and before I knew it you had vanished. I kept going back to find you but all I have left is the memory of your sweet smell. It’s a scent no man could ever forget. 

Ummmm YUCK!

MO:  Man for Woman…Luby’s on Fondren.  He says…

“Ahhh dios mio! I understand why you feel the need to wear those stretchy pants out to dinner, but the way they hold all of that gorgeousness in — really was more than I could handle during a meal.  Mamacita!  And the way you love that square fish makes me know we are perfect for each other.  I must buy you jello.”     

I like Jello!  I may be naïve, but I think “BUY YOU JELLO” means he wants to take her on a date.  I think.  ❤ 

COWBOY DAVE:  Cutting the grass – w4m Lake Jackson

Body Type- Sweaty

Saturday as I passed by your house, you were outside cuttin’ the grass in cut off blue jean shorts. My goodness, you’re such a hot man, I ran over your neighbor’s trash cans and a big wheel…oops! I live in your neighborhood so I get the pleasure of eye ballin’ you pretty regular and… I always love it when you’re shirtless… which is every dang time praise Jesus!  That chest and those abs could win the 2020 election… mmmmm!! I won’t say what street you live on, but you live on a corner, and close to the fire dept, your married, and have such a cute little boy. If you think this might be you, tell me what corner you live on, and what kind of mower you were pushing… I need my front yard tended to… will you be my maintenance man?

In Love in Lake Jackson


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