COUNTRY NEWS: Sam Huntin’ On Tour & Garth Rewards Texas Couple

Author: Mo

***…Sam Hunt may bust out a couple rap lyrics in the middle of his songs, but I’ve got proof…boyfrand is country to the core.

…Over the weekend, Sam posted some pics of his between-concert-cigars and crossbows.

…The first pic shows Sam unloading his bow and a small amp.

Next pic…Sam standing in the seats of the venue aiming his bow towards the lawn section.  Third pic…is a shot of him aiming for a different target with tour mate Chris Janson watching on with cigar in hand.

…They’ve gotta stay sharp and ready for bow season even when they’re on the road so they work with what they’ve got, right?


***…We all know that you’ve gotta really put a lot of thought into the handmade sign you take to a Garth Brooks concert.  Garth puts on amazing shows and somehow manages to really pay attention to his fans in the audience at the same time.  He’s an all-star.

…So Garth was playing over the weekend and he was singing ‘Unanswered Prayers’ when a (Bedford) Texas man in the audience decided that was the perfect time to pop the question.

…Garth Brooks noticed and freakin’ stopped singing mid-song to get to know the couple a bit…but that’s not all.


…He then asked them a very important question.  Garth said…if you two choose to honeymoon in Hawaii, Miss Trisha and I will pay.

…The groom-to-be, Drew and his bride-to-be Chelsea…took a lot of time thinking over the offer…NOT!  They’re goin to Hawaii!

…When Trisha Yearwood came back out on stage she congratulated the couple once again and Garth told her he had offered to pay for their honeymoon.  Miss Trisha said, ‘Sure…absolutely, congratulations’ and jokingly said, ‘nobody else can get engaged tonight…’

…LOVE!  ❤

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