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Believe It Or Not There’s A Way For You To Own The Houston Rockets

Before you take this too seriously, let me just say, this is a far off theory but hypothetically IT COULD work if we got enough support. The team is worth an estimated $1.65 billion and that’s a lot more coin than you and I probably have but together, we can maybe swing it.

I did the math. We would need 330 million people to all pitch $5 and since that is slightly higher than the entire US Population it’s a tough bargain. HOWEVER, if we up the $5 to $1,000 we’re in a much better position to make this happen. We’d only need 1.65 million people and that’s about the number of people who watched Game of Thrones last night.

Do you see where I’m going with this?! We just need to generate enough momentum that others will go in on this with us. Truth be told, if we got most of the way, I’d bet someone has a couple million that they’d be willing to put toward the goal.

The only problem would be managing all the money and divvying up the profit. These challenges can be faced down the road but for now we gotta work this out together.

I got 5 on it, who’s in with me?

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