By George

When we first saw this story – or at least the picture with the story – we called B.S.!   But, upon closer examination we discovered it was an accurate list – they went through EVERY WORLD RECORD held by each state (the people doing the graphic just chose a weird one to feature, Imagine That)!


Here is the full list of things that are BIGGER IN TEXAS:

ball of dog hair / country music club / serving of chili con carne / Frito pie / cocktail tasting / Bowie knife / parade of Ram vehicles / washer toss tournament / Mickey Mouse memorabilia / hat mosaic / pickleball tournament / belt buckle / parade of toy red wagons / gathering of people dressed like turkeys / toy pistol battle / class with perfect attendance / ball pyramid / cowboy boot sculpture / gingerbread house / drive-in cinema by car capacity (tie w/ Michigan) / free-standing hangar / game of knockout / neutral buoyancy pool / garden spade / playable Twister board / jute bag / snow cone / parade of Nissan cars / ball of string / cardboard box sculpture / “YMCA” dance / millipede / tinikling dance / brick / collection of sheep-related items / pecan pie / chocolate truffle / 3D-printed pistol / gavel / fly fishing rod / table tennis bat / make-up painting / wholesale market / tea bag holder collection / piece of toffee / balloon / working electric guitar / urban bat colony

Did they miss anything?

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