By George

We can’t stand the idea that someone might MISS the love of their life – so each week we look through Craig’s List…and find some folks to


“You were walking your ugly dog by the Golf Course in Herman Park. I said, “good lord your dog is ugly”. You laughed and started staring below my waist. You couldn’t keep your eyes north of the border of my nylon joggin’ trunks.

You wanted me. Even your ugly dog could see that.

I know you noticed my pot belly. I promise I know how to throw that thing around. If you are ready for some plus size fun… contact me ASAP.  PS my nickname is “lights out”!”.


MO:  MAN LOOKING FOR HIS BELL…Man For Woman, Richmond.  He said…

“…I came through the drive-thru and you had me.  I mentioned that you had a great voice. Then I complimented you again. It seemed to really have made your day and that makes me smile.

…Writing this is a very long shot so I’ll probably try to go back through to see if you are at the window again today.  Hopefully, you are single.  I am always in your drive-thru and there is something about your tacos that make MY whole day.  I don’t even like hot sauce, but I always ask for extra to make you squirm”.   

Umm…Sir.  Leave the sweet lady and her taco alone.   ❤ 


COWBOY DAVE:  SOLD YOU A GRILL – W4M Kingwood Lowes –  Body Type Fluffy

To the Tall, bearded guy who bought a grill from me on Saturday… I could tell that you already knew everything there was to know about that Webber Summit Grill Center smoker you approached me about… but you let me describe how to properly smoke massive amounts of meat to you while looking into your Smokey gray eyes!  You complimented me on my great customer service and how I smelled like Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce on a Sunday afternoon!  …. I replied with “Sir you have no idea how thorough my service can be! I take my job and my aroma as seriously as you do your perfectly sculpted man beard! Tell me what kind of tape measure I was wearing!

Kindling in Kingwood



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