[SWEET VIDEO] Blake Shelton’s Mom & Girlfriend Sing Happy Birthday – Even Call Him “Blakey” Together!

Author: Mo
***…Blake Shelton and his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani have been inseparable over the past year.

Yesterday, I told yall how Gwen planned the perfect birthday party for Blake’s 41st over the weekend and how it included THEE perfect armadillo birthday cake.

…Well evidently, the cake wasn’t the only perfect thing about the birthday.  Blake’s MOM tells a story about how she just know Gwen is perfect for Blake.

…In a video uploaded to Facebook, Blake’s mama and girlfriend serenade him as he’s about to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. “Happy birthday, dear Blakey,” they sang in unison and Blake’s Mom squealed with excitement, “We both said Blakey!”

…Because who doesn’t want your mom and your lover to call you the same nickname?  GROSS!

…hahaha!  Blake’s mom IS extra cute.  There is a video of her hugging her son around the neck saying, “I birthed this big thing!” ❤

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