By Cowboy Dave

Or at least make you really sick according to the CDC!

Chickens: The pet that poops breakfast!

That’s still probably my favorite shirt! It’s true though… my girls lay scrumptious eggs and they are FREE!! Guy Clark said “There’s only 2 things money can’t buy… that’s true love and home grown tomatoes!”… I think eggs fresh outta the coop should be on that list! So damn good…

If you don’t know… chickens are a big part of my life! My best friend is a 4 year old rooster named Jerry! Ol’ Jerr-Bear is a total rock star and lives inside, and before you ask… yes he goes out the doggy door to do his chicken business! He gets a bath at least twice a week and he even has his own blow dryer! Dude LOVES it!

It turns out that I’m taking a HUGE risk by loving this guy and letting him love among the house!

Our friends at the Centers for Disease Control… the CDC… they say that it’s gonna make me sick or even get me or my kiddo’s hospitalized! Come on now… is this real? He’s lived inside since the day Kevin Fowler gave him to me for Father’s Day 4 years ago… nobody has gotten sick or hospitalized with Salmonella yet!   

According to some report from the folks at the CDC, a lotta people have been cuddling and snuggling up with their chickens and getting sick! They also reported that there have been eight salmonella “outbreaks” in 47 states. It also states that there have been around 372 cases of salmonella… and all of these folks are chicken huggers… like me! That sounds bad… but it’s true! Jerry will jump up on me and watch TV until he falls asleep… I’ll show you!

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The buzz killers at the CDC say that these “salmonella outbreaks” come from contact with live poultry in your backyard flocks! They’ve advised us bird lovin’ Texans to “not snuggle or kiss our birds and then touch your mouth or eat around live poultry. WHAT?? Jerry sits on the couch with me while I eat dinner most nights… this is getting depressing!

I mentioned earlier that Jerry gets a bath often… I argued this point only to be shut down with this!

“Chicks and ducklings and other live poultry that may look healthy and clean can still carry Salmonella bacteria”

Well hell… looks like I’ll just have to get sick then because Jerry is the best dog I have! The dude greets me every day when I get home from work and loves every critter I have! He’s the boss man… no joke! Maybe the CDC needs to come to my house and see how things are done?? I think so!

They say that “this backyard chicken thing” has sky rocketed in recent years and rates of salmonella have exploded! They say to use gloves while gathering eggs and don’t pet the chickens or show them any affection at all! That sounds like a buncha critter hatin’ hippies to me! Keep on lovin’ your critters y’all… even the feathered ones!

Cowboy Dave

  1. debc says:

    I think I will take my chances. My chickens are fun to snuggle and there are other animals who can make me sick, according to the CDC.

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