Winter Storm Update: School Closures

We can’t stand the idea that someone might MISS the love of their life – so each week we look through Craig’s List…and find some folks to help!

GEORGE:  My dog says you were into her and not me. (DOG PARK) W4M

I wasn’t having the best day and decided my dog Peaches and I needed to go to the dog park so at least one of us could be happy. I was leaving and standing on the corner at the stop light and saw a dude drive by us who I might have made eye contact with for a lengthy amount of time. You eventually gave a little wave…Peaches takes all the credit though. Then she and I had a convo about how I was pretty sure you was looking at me and not her. I mean, there have been dudes that were into me in the past. Just sayin, I thought you were flirting…but I was all sorts of sleep deprived so I could be making this up. I’m not expecting a reply homies but it would be kinda cool. I’ll be asking make and model of car if anyone decided to get weird and pretend to be this dude.


MO:  Man looking for Angel…Galleria Mall.   He said…

Last week I visited the Victoria Secret in the mall when my eyes seen you and I can’t stop thinking about you, your eyes and the long hair OMG I never slept for the last two days thinking of you, I was in the store watching you for a very long time, I was very shy to ask for your number, please if you read this please email me.

Please…I am the guy with beard. I was leaving the store and the alarm went off and you told the police man I was okay.

Umm…I mean…they DID spend lots of time together.  YIKES!  ❤  


COWBOY DAVE: Saw you in window at the laundry mat- m4w (Kingwood) body: fit

Just as the Fathers Day storms were beginning to form in my heart… I saw you in the window at the laundry mat in Kingwood and you were as beautiful as that ray of the sunshine on the box of Ultra Gain Original you were carrying.  I probably should have asked permission to smell your box of sunshine but I just couldn’t help myself… I LOVE Gain, lol. You gave me a look of intrigue as you quickly gathered your items from the washer and threw them into the back of your CRV… still soaking wet…  all while giving me a look of seduction… I can feel the tension and would like to be the dryer sheet that clings to your pants ma’am!

Your powder sniffing Casanova in Kingwood!




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