By George

(MO) It’s happens almost daily – George will do something stupid…but let’s pause to acknowledge that there are people who are STUPIDER THAN GEORGE!

(George) – You cheat one time on the Texas Driver’s Test and you get labled…but I’m still not as dumb as these folks

STORY ONE:  Police Catch a CEREAL Offender

Police in Eureka, California busted Timothy Glass, Jr – 29 – for shooting a man with a shotgun shell stuffed full of Rice Krispies.

Cops said, THE FLAKE fired at the victim and them rode away on a bike – they had no trouble catching up to him, although he did put up a fight but after a little snap, crackle and pop from the po-po he was taken into custody.  His victim treated for minor but tasty wounds – and the boys in blue found that Timothy had a long rap sheet – making him a – CEREAL offender and STUPIDER THAN GEORGE.


STORY TWO: Man calls 911 for a ride to hooters to ‘help grandma’ 

A Florida man called 911 and told dispatchers that he needed a ride to Hooters immediately because his grandmother had just suffered a stroke in the parking lot and needed his help. Instead, 28-year-old Jonathan Hinkle got a ride to the Brevard County Jail after deputies searched for three hours for his supposedly ailing grandmother. Who was found safe and healthy. The dude reportedly told the dispatcher he’d pay first responders to take him to the Hooters. He was arrested on charges of misusing 911 and for being STUPIDER THAN GEORGE.

If you ever see a story you think should be on STUPIDER THAN GEORGE – email it to us, here on the morning bull



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