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The Most Impactful Inventions Of Every State

I love these kind of things, just interesting to me. This is how history class should have been, here’s a map of cool stuff, and then I probably would have been awake more.

MidAmerica Nazarene University set out to highlight the most impactful contributions of each state and here’s what they have come up with:

Alaska – Kayak
Inventor: the Inuit (indigenous Alaskans)
Invention date: N/A

Alabama – Electric Hearing Aid
Inventor: Miller Esse Hutchinson
Invention date: 1895

Arkansas – Sound-Cinema
Inventor: Freeman Owens
Invention date: Pre 1932

Arizona – Taser
Inventor: NASA Scientists
Invention date: 1993

California – iPhone
Inventor: Steve Jobs & Apple Engineers
Invention date: 2005 – 2007

Colorado – Tampon
Inventor: Dr. Earle Haas
Invention date: 1929

Connecticut – Vulcanized Rubber
Inventor: Charles Goodyear
Invention date: 1845

Washington D.C. – Telegraph & Morse Code
Inventor: Samuel Morse
Invention date: 1844

Delaware – Kevlar
Inventor: Stephanie Kwolek
Invention date: 1965

Florida – Personal Computer
Inventor: Don Estridge & the IBM team
Invention date: 1981

Georgia – Cottom Gin
Inventor: Eli Whitney
Invention date: 1794

Hawaii – Surfboard
Inventor: Joseph Banks
Invention date: 1769

Iowa – Tractor
Inventor: John Froelich
Invention date: 1892

Idaho – Television
Inventor: Philo Taylor Farnsworth
Invention date: 1927

Illinois – Digital Computer
Inventor: John Vincent Atanasoff
Invention date: 1937

Indiana – Gas Pump
Inventor: Sylvanus Bowser
Invention date: 1885

Kansas – Helicopter
Inventor: William Purvis & Carles Wilson
Invention date: 1909

Kentucky – Gas Mask
Inventor: Garrett Morgan
Invention date: 1914

Louisiana – Binocular Microscope
Inventor: John Leonard Riddell
Invention date: 1836 – 1850

Massachusetts – World Wide Web
Inventor: MIT professor, Tim Berners-Lee
Invention date: 1990

Maryland – Latex Medical Gloves
Inventor: William Stewart Halsted
Invention date: 1894

Maine – Dive Suit
Inventor: Leonard Norcross
Invention date: 1834

Michigan – Assembly Line
Inventor: Ransom E. Olds
Invention date: 1902

Minnesota – Implantable Pacemaker
Inventor: Earl Bakken
Invention date: 1957

Missouri – Vacuum Cleaner
Inventor: John S. Thurman
Invention date: 1898

Mississippi – Nystatin
Inventor: Rachel Fuller Brown & Elizabeth Lee Hazen
Invention date: 1950

Montana– Heart Monitor
Inventor: Norman Jeff Holter
Invention date: 1962

North Carolina – Airplane
Inventor: Wright Brothers
Invention date: 1903

North Dakota – Cream of Wheat
Inventor: Wheat Millers
Invention date: 1893

Nebraska – Ski Lift
Inventor: James Michael Curran
Invention date: 1936

New Hampshire – The Farmer’s Almanac
Inventor: Robert B. Thomas
Invention date: 1792

New Jersey – Air Conditioning
Inventor: Haviland Carrier
Invention date: 1921

New Mexico – Atom Bomb
Inventor: Scientists for The Manhattan Project
Invention date: 1945

Nevada – Blue Jeans
Inventor: Jacob Davis & Levi Strauss
Invention date: 1873

New York – Credit Card
Inventor: Frank McNamara
Invention date: 1949

Ohio – Automobile
Inventor: John Lambert
Invention date: 1891

Oklahoma – Parking Metor
Inventor: Holger George Theusen & Gerald A Hale
Invention date: 1935

Oregon – Computer Mouse
Inventor: Douglas Engelbart
Invention date: 1968

Pennsylvania – Fire Hydrant
Inventor: Frederick Graff
Invention date: 1801

Rhode Island – Diners
Inventor: Walter Scott
Invention date: 1891

South Carolina – Military Submarine
Inventor: Horace Hunley
Invention date: 1863

South Dakota – Cyclotron
Inventor: Ernest Lawrence
Invention date: 1932

Tennessee – Supermarket
Inventor: Clarence Saunders
Invention date: 1916

Texas – Electric Typewriter
Inventor: James Field Smathers
Invention date: 1912

Utah – Electric Traffic Light
Inventor: Lester Farnsworth Wire
Invention date: 1912

Virginia – Camouflage
Inventor: Jim Crumley
Invention date: 1912

Vermont – Paddle Wheel Steamer
Inventor: James Field Smathers
Invention date: 1921

Washington – Artificial Heart
Inventor: Robert Jarvik
Invention date: 1982

Wisconsin – Space Suit
Inventor: Siegfried Hanson
Invention date: 1950s

West Virginia – Steam Boat
Inventor: James Rumsey
Invention date: 1787

Wyoming – Shovel Handle
Inventor: George C. Choate
Invention date: 1879

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