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Gossip Columnist Perez Hilton Insults Blake Shelton After His CMT Awards Performance

This is one of those things that is really starting to get under my skin because the more time I spend with Country Music the more time I understand the artists and the lifestyle. Today, I was looking for interesting information about some of our favorite Country Music stars when I stumbled upon this article by Perez Hilton that shows a complete lack of understanding of Country Music & Blake Shelton  and in my opinion is insulting.

Blake Shelton performed, “Every Time I Hear That Song” last night at the CMT Awards and Miranda was in the audience. The gossip starter, Perez, tried to make his readers think that somehow Blake was directing his performance at Miranda Lambert. He went on to say that it made things “awkward AF” because Miranda was in attendance.

Let’s be serious, they are grown adults, they’re both in their own new relationships and clearly the song was not written about Miranda Lambert because Blake didn’t write the song. A simple Google search can clear up that confusion in less than 3 seconds if you take the time to check. The song was written by The Warren Brothers, Aimee Mayo and Chris Lindsey NOT BLAKE SHELTON. So, no, Perez, the song is not a jab at Miranda. Do some research. Don’t insult our artists or their relationships by trying to stir up a false narrative about the way something happened. Nobody was awkward, nobody was directing anything at anyone and nobody expected there to be a problem.

The part that frustrates me is that we’ve become obsessed with making things way more personal and intrusive than they need to be. Country Music does it’s best to stay above the wave of gossip and rumors as often as it can. The Blake and Miranda split cut deep into the hearts of many Country Music fans and as we’re finally beginning to get past the pain here comes a gossip columnist to try and stir up some more crud. Compile your rumors about the Kardashians or Justin Bieber but leave our artists out of it.

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