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Goonies Turns 32 Today – Which Goonie Were You?

On June 7th, 1985 one of the greatest movies of all time was released. Goonies, the ultimate best friends final hoorah movie and one that has always stuck with us from when we were young. It’s a movie that not only stands the test of time, it also has some of the best quotable lines that we still use on the reg.

The other great thing about Goonies is that it seemed to mirror the group of friends we all had when we were kids. There was the leader, the outcast, the nerd and the one everyone else didn’t like, but you loved because they were your friend.

Which one are you?

Mikey – The Leader:

This person holds the group together. They plan the parties, never forget the birthdays and say let’s keep going when hunting treasure when everyone else wants to turn around.  There would be no Goonies without Mikey.

Mouth – The Antagonist:

If Mouth wasn’t in your group, you’d probably hate him.  He talks too much. Will disagree with you just to start an argument and can get on everyone’s nerves.  But if someone comes at anyone else in the group he’s the first one to step up and squash that person.  Loyal to a fault.  Some people think he’s a jerk, but he’s your jerk.

Chunk – The Lovable Loser:

Chunk doesn’t do anything right. He seems to screw up every plan you have. He’s always the last one to the party, forgets the food he was supposed to bring but he comes through when you really need him. He’s always good for a laugh and will do anything to do it (i.e. The Truffle Shuffle).

Data – The Wiz:

This kid is way smarter than he should be for that age.  He can hack a computer, build a fort with proper safety regulations and is certainly the one you sit next to for the math test. He’ll also get you out of a sticky situation with his big brain.

Which Goonie are you?



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