By Mo

…I know it may seem a little early, but you can never be too prepared…let’s talk retirement.  I think of my ole retired dad…ridin’ his motorcycle up and down the backroads…stoppin’ to eat lunch and talking to everyone he sees.

…Now think of everyone favorite retired uncle, George Strait.  Haha!  We’ve heard that he’s been busy on the golf course.  That’s where he closed the deal for his new tequila line…remember that story?

…Seems as though Mr. Strait has stepped up his golf game.  He just posted a video of himself in his brand new retirement ride.  A golf cart.  Let me clarify.  This is not your average golf course rental cart.

…The video makes me want to buy this golf cart.  I think it’s George’s smile that he flashes over and over again.  He can sell anything!  And that’s exactly what he’s doing.  He is the brand new ambassador to the Garia golf cart brand. Hence the cheesy video!

…But here’s the kicker.  I get on the brand’s website to check out their golf carts.  The Special Edition Garia Golf CAR (yes…instead of cart) is $24,145 (plus local taxes, VAT, registration fees and delivery from Houston, Tx. USA, or Denmark.)  Yes, that’s US dollars.  Ha!


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