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5 Reasons Why Fishing Is The Perfect Setting For A Date

When someone says the term “date night” everyone thinks of a dinner and movie. If the date happens during the day, one thinks of a picnic at a park or a romantic walk on the beach, however, the absolute best date idea should not be any of those things, it should be FISHING!

Yes, fishing is the perfect date and it also happens to be the perfect setting for many crucial aspects that make a date work out at every level. This is why we have decided to give you 5 Reasons Why Fishing Is The Perfect Setting For A Date.

1. You Have To Wake Up Early – This is a crucial reason because this means that you and your partner get to spend more time together. If you plan a dinner and a movie, you have a little over an hour to hold a conversation before you have to sit through the movie for 2. When you wake up early to fish, you have an entire day to engage with each other.

2. Peace And Quiet – You are in control of the moods and tempo. There are no crowds, no music that you can’t control, and most importantly no interruptions!

3. Women Love Men That Can Catch Their Own Food – What is better than taking a Texas lady to a fancy dinner? Catching the food and cooking it for her before it lands on her plate. That showcases many skills and shows that you are willing to go the extra mile for her.

4. Nature – There is no fancier place to take a woman that to experience nature at it’s best. The water, the trees, and the fish. It is a beautiful setting, it is how memories are made.

5. The Teacher Is Attractive – Even if some never remember a single word you just said past that day, teaching a woman how to do something in a hands on scenario is perfect, believe me, you will only help show that you are an idea candidate.

Have any of you been on a fishing date? Happier couples fish together!

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