100 Most Popular Athletes In The World (and Texas) – Sorry #JJWatt Is 74th

Author: Mo

***…Alright yall…let’s take a poll.  Who is the most famous athlete in the whole world?  J.J. Watt?  Please.  J.J. wasn’t even the highest-ranked Houston athlete.  WHAT?!?

…Congratulations go out to (Dallas) golfer Jordan Spieth. He came in at number 17 on the ESPN list of 100 most famous athletes in the world!  (“Boyfrand” has a Masters victory, a U.S. Open title, a Ryder Cup and a FedEx Cup Championship.)

…This is second time ESPN has put together this list.  They rank the 100 most famous athletes in the world with a simple formula that looks at endorsements, social media followings, and search engine popularity.

…Soccer dominates the list.  They have 38 names in the top-100. Comparatively, the list contains 13 basketball players, 11 golfers, only 8 American football players and zero baseball or hockey players.

…But let’s consider the important names on this list: Houston Stars.  James Harden comes in at #28, Simone Biles at #48 and J.J. Watt…#74.  Texan Drew Brees and (UT Star) Kevin Durant are on the Top 100, but rudely aren’t considered Texans because (although they both went to high school or college in Texas) they don’t play in Texas professionally.


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