Did You See Lauren Alaina’s “Number Onesies” Party [MUST-SEE PICS]

Author: Mo

***…She told us she knew exactly how she’s dreamed of celebrating.

…Lauren Alaina celebrated her first number-one song with, “Road Less Traveled.”  And she followed her dreams with a “number-onesie” party.

…Lauren showed up in a solid sequined, sparkly blue onesie that said “Number Onesie” on the chest and “Road Less Traveled” down the leg.  It’s seriously impressive.

…Wanna party but don’t own a onesie?  Get with the program, people!  When guests showed up to Lauren’s party she provided onesie rookies something to wear.  I love her.  She didn’t stop with the adult PJs either.

…Lauren said, “Apparently I’m a fan of making adults do things that only kids do – like wear onesies and ride down a Slip ‘n Slide in my backyard. I’ve been celebrating since we found out – just in small ways. Hanging out with my friends, going out with people, being home with the people I love. I’ve cried a lot too.”  ❤

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