By Erin Austin

Who would’ve thought that those comfy, body snugging, yoga pants were actually killing Mother Earth?  Certainly not this girl, who wears them at least 3-4 times a week.  Well according to Gulf Coast researchers, the material that yoga pants are made out of is polluting our oceans.  Let me explain.

University of Florida researcher Maia McGuire said, yoga pants and “Anything that’s nylon or polyester, like the fleece-type jackets” are what’s the issue.  So basically everytime you wash these types of materials, tiny microscopic fibers called “microfibers” are making their way into our waterways.

McGuire led a study from September 2015 to August 2016, and in 89% of the samples tested there was at least 1 piece of plastic.

One study showed that these “microfibers” are ending up in the stomachs of marine life, like seafood such as oysters.

What happens now?  Researchers are hoping that washing machine manufacturers will develop some sort of filter to  catch these “microfibers’ before they hit the water supply.


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