By Nick Russo

Before I really get into this I need to make a few things clear. First, I always stop at Buc-ee’s when I go on a road trip in Texas. I really cannot keep going without getting something. Usually, I get gas and a drink and beef jerky. Those are the essentials.

I absolutely adore the customer service and I think the store (particularly the bathrooms) are exceptionally clean and when you combine those two characteristics to a convenience store you’re winning.

However, with all that said, their coffee experience is beneath lackluster. On more than one occasion, I have bought coffee with the expectation that my taste buds would wake up along with my neurons. The coffee experience that would get me through the rest of the hour and a half of my road trip was less than adequate.

And, no. I do not want Starbucks in a can or bottle, it’s not the same. I want a fresh-made-to-order brewed cup of coffee in a cup that doesn’t feel like a cheap paper plate. The coffee cups are laughable. They’re either too hot or too cold and there’s really no way you can sip piping hot coffee through the little hole of the lid while driving without apprehension.

The coffee disaster of Buc-ee’s has kept me from ever getting coffee again on a road trip while stopping by the Beaver laced lot of wonder.

Here’s what I propose: A coffee bar.

Perhaps, you go into business with Starbucks and have them build one like they do at Target. Or, go rogue and start Buc-ees Baristas Club or something. Whatever it is, I don’t want gas station coffee because Buc-ee’s is beyond a gas station, it’s a lot of wonder for crying out loud! Everything is perfect, except for the coffee station.

I don’t want 10 different types of creamer and raw sugar packets to try and figure out the science of flavor. I want a barista that knows how to create magical, caffeinated potions that taste good and keep me awake. I don’t know the finances of Buc-ee’s but judging by the number of people I have seen there every single time (including Christmas Day) I stop in to the store they make enough money to have some high quality, expertly brewed coffee for their travelling patrons.

Build the budget, build the coffee bar that dreams are made of and finish off the competition forever. Nobody compares to Buc-ee’s but at this point, I’ll get gas, a bottle of water, some jerky and then drive until I see a Starbucks without feeling bad about it. Please, save me the trip and accept my tip.

Create a better coffee experience.

Update: Upon learning that Lake Jackson’s Buc-ee’s has Buc-ee’s Beanery, a 24 hour coffee bar, I can only plead for these to be built in every store. Long live the Beaver.

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  1. I love this! These are my thoughts exactly when I stop at Buc-ees and need some good coffee. Why not have a coffee bar?

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