'Welcome Home' is out today. Here are our favorite tracks.

By Robyn Collins

My Old Man” was the first single released from Zac Brown Band’s new release, Welcome Home. The beautiful song about the singer’s father, and then becoming a father has already brought more than it’s share of tears. So, we won’t put that on our list. You already love that song.

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But don’t worry Zac Brown Band fans, there’s plenty to be excited about. Here are our five favorite songs from Welcome Home.

“Real Thing” is a singable piano driven life lesson song. The moral of the story is that with whiskey and women, there’s nothing like the real thing. And you can’t go back once you get a taste. Classic country.

“Family Table” lets the focal point of any house or kitchen become the stand in for strength of family. The jam session type instrumentation makes you feel like you’re sitting around an actual family table. It welcomes you to join in and make some memories “around this 9-foot pine.”

“Your Majesty” is a beautiful love song the features Brown in awe of his love. “I’m humbled in the presence of your majesty,” he sings. Zac could be talking to a woman or the beauty of nature. Works either way.

“All the Best” is a John Prine cover that is heartbreakingly authentic. Featuring Kacey Musgraves, the song is about wishing a former lover happiness, even though you’re not over them yet.

“2 Places at 1 Time” is an emotional tune full of gentle harmonies and compelling images. It talks about wishing you could divide yourself and be everywhere you want to be at the same time. If only.


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