By Nick Russo

Historians are scrambling to find data that shows the last time someone this young (and still in high school) was elected to the board of trustees for a school board but they will be hard pressed. Mike Floyd ran against the 6 year incumbent Rusty DeBorde and won! He will be officially sworn in as a trustee and will begin his duties shortly.

According to the Houston Chronicle, “Floyd described himself as someone who could better represent students’ and teachers’ interests because he had seen firsthand how district-level decisions affect local classrooms.” This youthful addition to the board will lend to opportunities maybe unseen by more seasoned officials. The use of live streaming on social media, unconventional meeting times that invites more public inclusion and a more adept grasp of the current wants and needs of the school district can be expected now that Floyd is involved.

While, this is a great feat that many probably didn’t think would ever happen, I think it could be the beginning of a national trend. This story has made national news and I can see it becoming something that young people like Mike will be trying to accomplish. It’s one thing to attend a school and want to see changes and it’s a completely different thing to step into the playing field and facilitate the changes.

Is it a good thing for young people to be involved? Certainly. However, I think this will open the door for candidates slightly older than 18 with more work and professional (maybe political) experience to step into the realm. This entire ordeal may shine light on how much change is needed and wanted and could possibly open the door for a new wave of trustees in suburban areas all around the country.

Congratulations, Mike, you’ve woken up a beast. Good luck in your endeavors!

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