By George

In this Town – there are only two places to find true love – Half Drunk at Denny;s at 1am or on Craig’s List…that’s why we scour the best posts and share them every week.

George:  Swinging Your Lightsaber – Woman For Man, 29

Hey buddy! Thursday, I was walking with my friend here and we saw you swinging your lightsaber. We just want to know who you are and if you want to be friends. This is a distress call. PLEASE answer as soon as possible. We are despo and we want to meet you so bad. My friend and I are really cool and we both want to marry you/be your great, supportive friend. I hope you see this. Tell us what color was your lightsaber?   Why I do feel like this is going to end badly for Star Wars Boy

Mo:  Clean Up In Aisle 5. Man for Woman, 34

Always be prepared to meet the man of your dreams at the grocery store!  This guy said…

I first spotted you at the Kroger.  You are strikingly beautiful but I felt weird saying hello because you were with your young daughter.  The timing just wasn’t good.  I started to work up the confidence, but then your daughter threw up in the aisle.  I was the only one to see and we made eye contact, but I still didn’t think the timing was good.  Hoping you see this and remember me.

Kids have some serious instincts, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.  ❤  


Cowboy Dave:  Calling Doctor Love, Woman for Man, 32

Attn. Dr. Love… if that is your real name… If you want to be in this child’s life, it will be born soon. We met at the go-cart arcade place in Conroe… I’m 5’4” and 200 lbs… well, I was then… now I’m a bit out of shape from carrying your baby! You told me you were a chiropractor with a specialty in sciatic therapy… You checked my sciatic inside the Jurrasic Park sit down game 3 times… Now I’m starting to think that you’re not even a Dr! You said you were going for more quarters… Then you disappeared. If anybody from the Conroe area knows this man let him know he has a baby son coming.



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