By George

The Morning Bull Show acknowledges that George does some stupid things in life – it’s like our listener Darlene says “George  if brains were leather, you wouldn’t have enough to saddle a June bug”

But there are people dumber than me

Like Our First Story: Woman locked out of apartment tries to rappel in window

A 63-year-old woman had to be rescued by firefighters after locking herself out of her apartment.  She told the firefighters that rescued her, she locked herself out and didn’t have money for a locksmith – so she borrowed some rope tied it the roof of her apartment building and jumped off the roof trying to rappel through the window of the 4th floor apt.  She missed and was let just hanging there and had to be recused – police said she wouldn’t be charged with crime but did say she was “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

Second Story:  Silicon Valley invests $120m in totally unnecessary juicer

The Juicero juice machine—basically a WiFi-enabled Keurig machine for juice—has single-serving packets of fruits and vegetables that it presses into 8 ounces of juice in just two minutes. But some reviewers discovered that you could just squeeze the packets with your hands to get 7.5 ounces of juice in just a minute and a half.  Investors are not happy as Juicero received more than $120 million from investors who are STUPIDER THAN GEORGE

If you ever see story (of do something) that you think would be great on STUPIDER THAN GEORGE – email it to us at


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