By George

Time for our “CAN I GET AN AMEN” story of the day!  At “THE MORNING BULL” we believe in the power of positivity.  We believe there are more good people than bad in the world, and we believe that goodness should be celebrated when you find it!

If you have kiddos – you know that there is always a fund-raiser of some kind going on….but at River Oaks elementary – they had a special fundraiser with the help of little special girl and special cause going on  – River Oaks elementary was taking part in Pennies for Patients – where they collect spare change for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society – Kathryn told us the school had helped before,  but last year they started a bulletin board and  they asked students to bring in picture of any family members or friends that suffered from blood cancers of any kind

Kathryn said, “the bulletin board really gave the kids a connection to this, and we set a goal of $15,000 last year and they exceeded that…so the gauntlet was thrown down – could the school raise enough to get a research grant…”

Now, to get a research grant named after the school – they would have to raise 25,000 dollars – that’s a lot AND $10,000 dollars more than last year.

So the called in a special student to the be the face of the fundraiser – A 5th Grader Corrine – her mom Liz told us about her, “she was diagnosed with Leukemia 3 days before her second birthday, she is now an 11-year-old 5th grader…we want to find a cure, but our main goal is to shorten the length of chemotherapy for these kids, most people don’t know it’s a two and a half year process.”

So with Corrine leading the charge and the students of River Oaks locked in getting the research grant named after the school – Kathryn said they raised $37, 669.23.

It was a record – and Momma Liz said that Corrine was over the moon,  even when the school asked her to speak at the rally about the research grant, “she was a little nervous at first, but sat down and wrote her own words and knocked it out of the park

So where ever you are in the kitchen or in the car…can throw your hand in the air, “CAN I GET AN AMEN” for this … Always focused on the good news, and if you ever see a story that would make a great amen email it in at


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