By Nick Russo

I have made it a habit of looking around for new places to eat in Houston. There are restaurants on every single corner, so it seems. Some places look like little houses but they’re really restaurants. Some places look like hotels but they’re really restaurants. Some places look like bars but they’re really restaurants. The possibilities are endless and I would venture to say that Houston is in the top 5 places in the country to get food.

Sure, New York, New Orleans and Miami are probably high on the list but Houston puts up a good fight. We have all kinds of great places of all kinds of cultures and that’s just one of the things that makes Houston so amazing.

Now, if you are reading this article it’s probably because you were interested to see if there were 5 spots you had never tried before so here it goes:

  1. Taco Deli – This spot is brand new, it’s on Washington just a stone’s throw away from Downtown. The address is 1902 Washington Avenue and it’s tucked in a little corner shop with a big parking lot right across the street. The only downside is they don’t give you free chips & salsa but the upside is their food tastes GREAT! They have some amazing salsas to choose from that vary in heat levels but my favorite was the creamy green one. (Forgive me for I do not remember the name.)
  2. Barbecue Inn – You’ll find this deep in the heart of Houston. It’s been standing since the 50’s and the food is true, down-home cooking. 116 West Crosstimbers is the address and when you walk in you’re going to feel like you’ve walked through a time warp. The favorites and must haves are the fried chicken, the fried shrimp or the ribs. I know, I know, I know, it’s called Barbecue Inn and I’m suggesting fried chicken and fried shrimp but trust me on this. And, another tip of friendly advice, get the loaded baked potato so you can at least get the cool tower of toppings. Again, trust me.
  3. Pizaro’s Pizza – Close to Montrose and not too far from Memorial Parkway this place will set off your evening. Unless it’s a Monday because they’re closed on Monday. You’ll find it at 1000 West Gray Street and the pizza comes hot, fresh and fast! You won’t sit and wait 30 minutes for your pizza. The owner, Bill Hutchinson, is a true dough master and has a unique way of cooking pizza! You an the family will enjoy your dinner, I guarantee it!
  4. BB’s Cafe – They have locations all across Houston and this place just always satisfies. They have Tex-Orleans style food and it’s delicious. If you are in the mood for crawfish, they got you but I would suggest at least trying the Bullets For The King because they are heaven on Earth. Seriously, they may be the best tasting thing I’ve ever had and you’ll likely say the same unless you don’t like bacon. They’re near the top of my list of best places for crawfish and they are certainly on my list of must-eats in Houston.
  5. Luling City Market – You’re going to find this spot on Richmond, close to the 610 loop on the Galleria side. It’s tucked away so you’re going to have to pay attention when you get close by but it’s a true-blue Texas bbq set up. The menu is simple and the food is perfect. First you grab a drink, then you get in line to pick out a side (or no sides) and then it’s meat time. Their ribs are always phenomenal and their sausage links are amazing. If you have a lighter appetite I’d suggest the chopped beef sandwich. No matter what you choose there are no wrong answers.

This is a short list of all the places I love to eat at in Houston and I hope you’ll give them a try. They didn’t pay me to mention them but I consider myself a foodie and these are just a few places that I love. Let me know if you try them out on the links below!


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