By Cowboy Dave

Odds are if you live in Texas, you’ve had a tick or two… right? I know I have… and they always seem to go for the belly button! If you grew up like I did, it seemed the ONLY remedy was a lit cigarette to the tick… and all the sudden the tick was gone and you needed a first aid kit!

Fear not though… I’ve got your back!

So here’s the PROPER way to get rid of a TICK from your man’s belly button ladies. This is very important for us down here in South Texas.

An article I found on Facebook (That’s how you know it’s real) say’s that a male doctor has found a safe and easy way to remove these little boogers. It’s not only safer but it’s WAY easier on YOU ladies!
Simply apply, or “dab” a small amount of liquid soap on a regular ol’ cotton ball
Have your man remove his shirt so the soap doesn’t get all over it… matter of fact… the pants need to go to just to be safe. Some of those colored soaps can stain ya know?


Cover his belly button and the tick with the soap soaked cotton ball
This is VERY important… pay attention! Blot it for a few seconds… 30-60 seconds to about 10 minutes should do nicely!
The tick will become irritated and eventually detach and he’ll be stuck to the cotton ball as you pull it away. It really works y’all… try it!

Cowboy Dave

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