MO’S MORNING BULLSHEET: Dierks Bentley is Boston Marathon “Pit Crew” For His Wife!

Author: Mo

I’d say it’s safe to say that having a famous spouse means you’re used to not being the center of attention.  And I’d say most people in this situation are totally ok with it!

…Well today is the day I get to draw attention to one very important spouse…Mrs. Dierks Bentley.

…Yesterday, Cassidy joined the over 30k other runners in the 121st running of the Boston Marathon yesterday.

…But she didn’t do it just for the thrill of it. Nope, Cassidy ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for the Safe Haven Family Shelter, a non-profit organization that provides shelter to homeless families.

…Cassidy made a fundraising site and raised more than $22 thousand!

…Dierks cheered from the sidelines rocking a “WIFE RUNS” t-shirt.  The rest of Mama Cassidy’s pit crew was in tow as well…all three of their kiddos were wearin’ their “MOM RUNS” t’s.

…Dierks posted my favorite pic of the day after the race when the kiddos saw mom for the first time and proudly tackled her.  She finished in 3 hours and 26 minutes which means she ran each of the over 26 miles at just under the 8-minutes, and got some big hugs when she finished!

…You can follow her story on her special Instagram account …it’s an amazing journey!


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