It’s time for MISSED CONNECTIONS – With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help these star-crossed soon to be lovers…like these from Craig’s List…

GEORGE:  Blue High Heels at Walmart

I was Easter candy shopping Saturday when I saw your curvy body and blue high heels in The Walmart off 290.  When I saw you in those short shorts – it made me squeeze a bag of M&M’s till they busted and ran all over the floor. I told you that you made that happen – you just smiled and strutted away – if you’d like to melt in my hands reply with the curse word on my tee-shirt.


MO:  He’s handy and he’s in Spring.  Ladiessss!  He said…

I have been doing repairs, painting, drywall, plumbing for you and you keep flirting. Seems every time you flirt for a second then run away before I can act on it. Don’t be so shy, I like the attention and want to give it back to you. Why do you think I do so much work for cheap? 😉 (winky face)

Umm…maybe she doesn’t know how much repairs cost?    


COWBOY DAVE:  A Bite Of My Chili Rieno

Hey… I saw you at Los Cucos on Friday… They mixed our orders up and when mine came back to me it had a bite taken out of it… I didn’t mind because I had been imagining you taking a bite of my Chili Rieno since I had first seen you sitting with your man who was yelling at you for wearing a Mario Brothers t shirt to dinner… just so you know… I can finish Mario in less than 6 minutes… take that however you want my Nintendo munchin mamma! If you wanna get greasy gamer thumbs with me… meet me back there tonight at 6!

You’re little love enchilada!


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