By George

It’s time for MISSED CONNECTIONS – With the POWER of The Bull, we feel we’re uniquely qualified to help these star-crossed soon to be lovers…like these from Craig’s List…

GEORGE:  Cash N Go –  

To the thick woman sitting at the table at Cash N Go on Fry Rd, while I was being helped to find the door. I wanted to talk to you but I had to go. You were going to make a payment and you had a question but before I could answer…the sweet security people removed me. If you see this, tell me what I was yelling as I was dragged outside. (seems like a classic love story doesn’t it)

MO:  Texas truck mamas…this jolly guy is lookin’ for YA.  He said…

I was drivin on 290 near Fairfield and was totally checkin’ you out, I have a grey truck just like yours. I had my dog with me and he was hanging halfway out the window lol. You had your kid with you, all I could think was that’s one hot momma. Haha! Maybe you noticed me, maybe you didn’t, maybe we can go to the park you can walk your kid and I can walk my dog lol!

I LOVE this guy. Lol!


COWBOY DAVE: Devil My Eggs –

Being single around Easter is hard… I live alone and the only kids I have are my 3 purrrr babies… Carrie, Samantha and Miranda… This year I decided to turn this chocolaty frown upside down and I went to my neighborhoods Early Easter Egg hunt yesterday… it was mostly kids but I brought my basket anyway and I’m proud to say… I am now the 2017 Easter Egg hunt champ!

But as I stood there amongst the crying children holding my trophy… You were there wearing your little bunny ears and lookin’ so cute and smiling at me while munchin that carrot in a way that should be illegal! In the frenzy of heavy breathing and egg stealing… I looked up and you were gone… I NEED to see you again…  if you wanna Devil my eggs… I’ll meet you in the park tonight at 7… come alone… and wear those ears!

Still hoppin in Houston


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