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MORNING BULL: “Stupider Than George” Stories This Week

Mo: Every Week we highlight something George had done that’s less than bright….

George:  My wife had to save my life this week….we were at the grocery, and on a whim, I grabbed a package of Chicken Jerky  – teriyaki flavored mind you and tossed into the cart.  Deanna picked it up and said “these are dog treats, idiot”.   That’s when She shook her head and said “that’s why you all do “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”



Tucson, Arizona police say that a burglar learned a revealing lesson about wearing baggy pants and attempting to flee from committing a crime.

A worker at Tucson Unified School District told Tucson News Now, a suspected burglar was startled by early arriving employees while trying ot break into several labs at one of their local schools.

The thief got spooked and tried to jump a spiked fence surrounding the school, he didn’t make the jump over the fence, and was caught hanging upside, exposing him underwear and all.

A couple passersby saw the alleged crook hanging from the fence, took some quick photos, posted the story to Facebook and the rest is pure social media justice.  Police say they helped the man

down, cuffed and arrested him for wearing such baggy pants and for being “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”!!


Story #2

Key West, Florida police said hey caught a Georgia felon who’d been on the run for week, wanted in connection with an assortment of violent crimes including felony strangulation and aggravated

assault.  Key West police spokes person said they wished it they could report it as great police work – but actually Jamaal Seymour got busted because he used his CVS rewards card while buying a

sports drink.  He was thirsty, thrifty and “STUPIDER THAN GEORGE”



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