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5 Things You Don’t Want To Know About Facebook Live

Facebook Live has really become popular among people Facebook users. It’s a chance to share what you’re doing in real timeĀ a three minute delay with your Facebook friends. However, this is cool and somewhat innovative it’s basically FaceTime but with Facebook. Facebook notifies your friends when you go “live” unless they have turned off your notifications but here are some things people should know about going on Facebook like.

  1. Nobody wants to see you eat on Facebook live. Chewing gum, eating popcorn, having dinner, drinking a drink or any other variation is unacceptable. Eat before or after Facebook live but not during your “broadcast” because it’s just plain rude. What if the people watching are hungry or don’t want to see your undigested bolus forming in your mouth. (Bolus – the ball that your mouth involuntarily creates with chewed food prior to swallowing.)
  2. If you only have one viewer, turn it off. Is there really anything more awkward than being the ONE viewer on someone’s Facebook live video? You might as well just FaceTime that person or call them because it’s just the two of you. Let it go. Hang up the broadcast if nobody else shows up.
  3. If you have ZERO viewers then take it as a sign to turn the thing off. Seriously, you might as well just shoot a selfie video with your phones camera and post it otherwise you’re doing nothing. Literally, nothing.
  4. Unless you’re trying on a Chewbaca mask and geeking out on camera you’re not going to get millions of views. It’s just not going to happen. Even mainstream television stations struggle to get more than 4k viewers at a time. Heck, the giraffe who has been in labor for months averages a couple thousand at a time. Nobody wants to sit on Facebook and watch someone’s live feed for very long, if at all.
  5. Unless you’re a Hollywood celeb, a professional athlete or have millions of followers who care about every move you make then there is really no point. I know Facebook wants us to think that every one of our friends cares but they don’t. They are there to see pictures of people they love and kinda like, gossip about friends, get dirt on people’s relationships and share pictures of their kids. None of those things are “tune in to see you eat or rant about something nobody cares about.”

I know, I was guilty of a lot of Facebook live’ing in the beginning when it first came out but after some time I realized nobody really cared that much. I mean, sure, it’s fun to look in on someone’s daily routine but there are very few people who are that entertained by a person staring at a camera talking and reading meaningless comments. It’s not television, it’s not radio, it’s Facebook and Facebook is a waste of time that we can’t get enough of and most people care about themselves on Facebook.

Rant over.

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