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Kelsea Ballerini Says She Looked To Beyonce And Carrie Underwood For Inspiration

It’s been two years since Kelsea Ballerini released her debut album and she’s had some amazing songs like “Love Me Like You Mean It”, “Peter Pan” and “Yeah Boy” but she’s just getting started! She’s been touring with Thomas Rhett and she admits it’s tough to be the only female on the tour. She sat down with GQ magazine to talk about all things music and performing.

When asked about how she has worked on her stage presence she reflected on documentaries she watched about Beyonce and Carrie Underwood:

Are the songwriter and artist Kelsea Ballerini almost two different people?

Yes. And I did not think it was going to be like that. I remember watching these two documentaries, one was on Beyoncé and one was on Carrie. And Beyoncé said, “When I step onstage I’m Sasha Fierce. And when I walk offstage I’m just Beyoncé and it’s normal.” And Carrie said the same thing: “I’ve had to separate it to where when I’m onstage I’m Carrie Underwood and I’m a lot bolder than I would be in real life. And then I walk offstage and I’m Carrie and everyone knows that.” I always thought, “Man, I’m going to be the same off and onstage.” Onstage I love big production and I love sparkles. But it’s a lot more dramatic than I am in real life. It’s different brains. It’s weird. If you’re a songwriter-artist I really feel like when you’re in artist mode you’re all happy and showy but when I’m a songwriter I like to just be in my sweatpants.

You mentioned Beyoncé and Carrie Underwood as artists you admire. Is that a level of fame you want? And if so, does it even seem attainable?
I don’t know. It’s definitely what I want to do. And it feels like we’re on a good track and we’re at a good pace. But I’m on my first record and I can’t mess it up. They say the sophomore album is the most important album you’ll ever put out. Especially with the success of the first one we just want to make sure that we do it right. Once we get past the next year and a half of new music and a new record we’ll probably know what our path is and where it’s going to lead. (Source: GQ)

I think all artists have people they frame their style around and everyone draws inspiration from different places. Beyonce and Carrie are arguably two of the best female performers in music today and if Kelsea can create her own version of that type of ferocity on stage she’ll go far in this industry. She’s off to an amazing start and she’s going to go far if she keeps up this kind of work ethic and great attitude!

For more on her interview with GQ click HERE.

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