By Nick Russo

Let’s say you do a Google search for something at home on your personal computer, or better yet, let’s say you Google something on your phone while connected to the Internet or let’s say you send a personal text with private information about your health while your phone is connected to the Internet at your home…all of that information is now PRICED and SOLD to a company who wants to pay for it.

You are reading this correctly, your private Internet browsing and private Internet use in your home is now allowed to be sold to the highest bidder.  This is absolutely disgusting and a complete invasion of privacy. It’s unbelievable that anyone would approve this kind of invasion of privacy but as of this week it’s now legal and approved.

According to, “The door is wide open for ISPs to monitor their customers with little transparency or substantive prior authorization — and ISPs would be free to charge more for entirely private service or refuse to provide service entirely to customers who don’t play ball.” This means that they don’t have to ask your permission to SELL your private information.

Basically, any and everything you do that is connected to their internet connection provided to you for a monthly fee is fair game.

Moreover, “Everything from geolocation and health information to “the content of your messages, emails and other communications.” This means all of your text messages, phone conversations, emails and everything other thing you use can be saved and sold for any and every reason the Internet provider sees fit. 

But WHY?

Because it’s an $83 BILLION dollar industry!

Some will say, “No big deal, Facebook has been doing this for years.” That may be true BUT NOW YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER CAN DO IT!

This is a terrible invasion of our privacy by people we barely trust anyway! I have enough trouble trusting Google and Facebook with my private information. It already freaks me out when I am talking about something and then an ad for that something shows up in my Facebook timeline but NOW MY INTERNET PROVIDER is doing the collecting and selling?!

This is a grotesque violation of all Americans right to privacy.

I won’t spy on you but if you’d like you’re welcome to join me on the links below.


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