MORNING BULL: George Strait’s Grandson Steals Show At Rodeo Auction [Video]

Author: Mo

The annual George Strait Team Roping Classic takes place in San Antonio every year.  It’s the largest event of its kind in the United States with 516 teams from around the country competing.  It’s 2-days of roping every year, attendees look forward to The King himself making bids on the animals.  Well, until this year…

…You better believe George was in attendance!  Everyone was following him around, trying to get pictures, but the real treat came during the auction with George Strait’s grandson stole the spotlight.

…Little Cowboy Harvey stood in front of his famous Granddaddy and, with George’s cue, raised his hand in the air for the bid.  Your heart will seriously melt when you see the video because George Strait is just standing there, looking on, ALL smiles while Harvey continued waving his hand in the air to get the attention of the auctioneer. At the end of the bidding, Harvey turned back around to receive a high-five from his legendary grandfather.

… Heart. Melted.  And now I’m a puddle.  ❤

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