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MORNING BULL: Sam Hunt Answered Our Question “ARE YOU MARRIED”?

Yesterday we talked wedding rumors when it came to Sam Hunt.  We had our suitcases packed just in case Sam invited us on his honeymoon!  So when The Morning Bull got a minute to chat with Sam, you better believe we asked the question on everyone’s mind…Sam Hunt – why are you rocking a ring on THAT left-hand finger?

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…Turns out…it’s Jimmy Fallon’s fault.

…Back in 2015, Jimmy Fallon spent 10 days in the ICU after falling at home and experiencing Ring Avulsion (don’t Google it!).  Jimmy Fallon had thought his finger was broken but instead it was a very serious six-hour surgery, moving a vein from his foot to his finger and having no feeling in the finger for 8 weeks.  All because of his solid, metal wedding ring.  Well, Sam Hunt wants none of that!  Possible finger amputation?  No one wants that, but thank you!

…Sam’s fiancée, Hannah, bought him a black, silicone ring that is easily cut and removed in the case of an emergency or accident. Sam is an active guy, enjoying sports and hunting in his rare, spare time.  No time for Ring Avulsion!  So he got the new ring he thought it was so cool, he didn’t take it off!  And that’s where the rumors began.  Pictures of Sam, on his Instagram account, rocking the new left-hand accessory had fans buzzing about a potential secret wedding.

…Of course Sam was oblivious to the entire situation and laughed telling us the story before his Rodeo Houston performance.

…Props to Hannah for locking things down quicker than anyone ever imagined!  She put a (silicone) ring on it! ♥

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