By George

Time for our “CAN I GET AN AMEN” story of the day!  At “THE MORNING BULL” we believe in the power of positivity.  We believe there are more good people than bad in the world, and we believe that goodness should be celebrated when you find it!

If you’ve ever lost  someone in your life….you know that there are certain times that you just want to hear their voice again – I know after my sister passed away from cancer – I used to call her cell phone just to hear her message – I know, that’s a little strange but lots of folks do this, right?

So our story today is about Crystal from right here in Houston, just a few weeks ago on Valentine’s weekend – Crystal’s guy Adrian called her and asked her to bring the kids and meet him at the Build-A-Bear at the mall.  You know sometimes Valentine’s Day plans can be tough when you have little ones and have trouble finding a sitter.

So they met up and their daughter started looking around Build-A-Bear, and that’s when Adrian told Crystal that she should pick out a bear for herself.  Crystal scoffed and said it was for kids not her.  But, Adrian insisted and so finally Crystal picked out a bear and while they were building the bear – Crystal took off to look after her daughter.  That’s when Adrian talked to the staff and said that he’d like to include some special recordings in the bear Crystal has picked out.

So, the staff put this specially recorded voice box into the bear and when Crystal came back up to the counter and picked up the bear – she pressed the bear’s hand and she heard the voice of her dad, who had passed away.  Adrian had taken some the voicemails that Crystal had for like 10 years of her dad and transferred them into the recording for the bear.

thumbnail crystal flores CAN I GET AN AMEN: Build A Bear Holds Surprise for Houston Woman!

Crystal Said she’s had the voicemails for 10+ years.  She said she lost it right there in the middle of Build-A-Bear.  Isn’t that the SWEETEST VALENTINE’S GIFT EVER!

So where ever you are in the kitchen or in the car…can throw your hand in the air, “CAN I GET AN AMEN” for this … Always focused on the good news, and if you ever see a story that would make a great amen email it in at


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