By Dorian Valenzuela

Dear Aaron Watson,

As I was sitting at my desk here at work and scratching off items in my to-do list, I came across your Facebook page’s latest update and I all I can say is THANK YOU,  thank you for sharing this incredible video with the world. Thank you for reminding us of your story and your path full of obstacles, but most importantly, for proving to us that dreams DO come true.

We have all been there, in the privacy of our home and in the depth of our thoughts and contemplated giving up (even if it crossed our minds for just a second). That moment where it seems that no matter how hard you try or how hard you work, things just don’t seem to work in your favor.

This week we witnessed a reminder that no matter how many people say no or how many doors close in your face, you should always keep ‘grinding’ and look for a window of opportunity. When everyone said NO, Aaron Watson, your heart said YES and now you will be kicking off RODEO HOUSTON this year with a brand new album!

Thank you for serving as a constant reminder that there is no limit to what we can accomplish, and that with good faith and hard work, ANYTHING is possible.

To everyone else reading this letter, the video that I am discussing is one that displays Aaron Watson going through a series of index cards describing a timeline of the last 18 years of his career and personal life along with the albums he shared with the world along the way.  The video is posted below and all I ask is that you envision your current situation in every single index card and realize that EVERYONE eventually falls down, BUT not every single individual that does has the courage to get back up and keep pushing on.

Aaron Watson will be kicking off RODEO HOUSTON on March 7th where he will be playing your all-time favorite songs as well as new material from his forthcoming album ‘Vaquero’ – make sure you get your hands on it as soon as it becomes available TOMORROW!

This is why I love country music, because of the vibes it sends my way and I can guarantee with no hesitation that this love I have for the genre, is never going ‘Outta Style.’

– Thanks Aaron. –

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