By Dorian Valenzuela

Social media is a very special place. It is the home to breaking news, technological advancements, video games, memes, and more. However, those are not the only fundamental uses of all of the platforms, in fact, social media is a primary source of therapy.

Both men and women of all ages tend to take to their social accounts to vent about work, family, money, and of course, LOVE. One of the topics being discussed is being single, one of the members of our CBS Radio Houston family, Liz from Spanish station Mega 101, wrote out a list of the 20 Things Single Women Are Beyond Tired Of Hearing and I thought it would be an interesting share for all.

1. How is it possible for you to STILL be single?
2. You’ll find the one when you least expect it.
3. Don’t you ever feel lonely?
4. Do you worry about not being able to have children?
5. Are you just not seeing anyone at all?
6. You should try online dating, I know a friend that did it and it worked for them.
7. Don’t worry, prince charming is out there.
8. When you finally get married, trust me, you will want to be single again.
9. You DO like men right?
10. There is a lot of fish in the sea.
11. Aren’t you a little too old to be so picky?
12. (At a wedding) Hurry, the bride is going to throw the bouquet, maybe if you catch it your luck will change!
13. Let’s face it, men find you intimidating!
14. Why don’t YOU take the first step and invite a guy out on a date?
15. (Speaking about your best friend) Why don’t you try to make it work with your bestie?
16. I know a guy that is PERFECT for you, I will give him your number!
17. Don’t give up, true love is right around the bend.
18. It is almost as if someone decided to cast a spell on you, you’re jinxed.
19. Why don’t you try to make things work with your ex?
20. You should try to change up your style, look a little sexier!

Alright ladies, did Liz hit the nail on the head with this one? Let me know in the links below.

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