By Dorian Valenzuela

In the last couple of days, the storms that have hit the Houston and surrounding areas have got me thinking about what I would be doing if I was not sitting at my desk. The truth is, many people look at rainy days as a curse, but in reality, stormy weather can be a perfect time to catch up with your best friend, YOURSELF!

This is why I have come up with a list of things to do on a rainy day:

5. Online Shopping – This may seem a bit odd, BUT, rainy days are not perfect for roaming around on the wet roads and a little retail therapy could be the right things to do to pass the time. I don’t do this often but I do enjoy grabbing my laptop and getting some new boots while I watch TV, two birds with one stone.


4. Bath – I don’t take baths to be honest, however, I do take advantage of rainy days to take longer showers than usual. A steamy hot shower with some relaxing music is the perfect way to stay in. Once showered and relaxed, you may proceed with items 3, 2, and 1 without a problem!


3. Bake – No matter how hot it actually is outside, for some reason I associate the rain with cool weather or with the feeling of being cold. As weird as it sounds, I lower the thermostat and head to the kitchen to bake some delicious treats. A nice blanket, a warm cup of coffee and some sweets should make a rainy seem like paradise.


2. Netflix – There is no better date than the one with yourself. It is the perfect opportunity to escape reality for a few hours and join the cast of your favorite TV Shows and binge watch for a few hours. How often do you get to LITERALLY sit there and do nothing? Take advantage of it if time allows it.


1. Sleep – This is probably my absolute FAVORITE thing to do on a rainy day, the water hitting against the window and the thunder in the distance allow me to relax. This is the perfect time to recharge your batteries and catch up on much needed sleep!


Is there anything you would add to this list? Let me know on the links below!

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